How to Remove Lenses From Plastic Frames

Updated April 17, 2017

When attempting to thoroughly clean your plastic glasses or replace any damaged lenses, the original lenses must be removed from the frame. This procedure can be done in just a few minutes and requires few tools.

Hold the frame firmly in one hand over a towel on a flat surface. Open the frame, if its legs are closed.

Hold the mini-screwdriver with your free hand and place it in the groove of one of the screws and unscrew it. Repeat this process on any other screws located near the edges of the lens.

Place the screws somewhere safe for later use. The frame should now be sufficiently loose. Pop out the lens on each side.

Fill a bowl with hot water and submerge glasses.

Keep the glasses submerged in hot water for about one minute. The hot water will make the plastic frames flexible enough for the lenses to be removed.

Pull the glasses out of the hot water. Gently bend the frame to see if the frame has become flexible. Apply increasingly gentle pressure to each lens with your fingers until the lenses pop out. If the lenses are not flexible enough, resubmerge them in hot water and try again.


You can also attempt to heat the frame and make it flexible by using a hairdryer.


Be careful not to burn yourself when handling the hot water. Do not boil the water, as the water can damage your frames if it is too hot.

Things You'll Need

  • Mini-Toolkit for glasses
  • Towel
  • Bowl
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