How to send spoof text messages

Updated April 17, 2017

Most cell phones today--besides the pay-as-you-go phones which typically only offer basic telephone features--offer SMS and MMS messaging capabilities. You can even send a spoof SMS or text message to a cell phone. If you want to pull a prank on someone or otherwise want to send a free or fake text message, you can by following these few simple steps.

Access a website offering SMS spoofing services, such as, or

Fill in the required forms. You need to fill in at least the "Alias" field in which you enter a name or alias, the "Subject" field in which you enter the subject of your message, the "Number To Send To" field in which you enter the recipient's cell phone number, and the "Message" field in which you enter the text you want included in the message.

Click "Submit" or "Send" to send the message. It should reach the recipient's cell phone within a matter of minutes.


There is a mobile application known as SpoofApp which offers SMS spoofing capabilities, Caller ID spoofing for telephone calls and a realtime voice changer (see References 1).


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