How to Decorate With a Brown Leather Sofa

A brown leather sofa is classic decor in a home, and it is not difficult to decorate the rest of the room to coordinate well with it. Leather furnishings lend a masculine, contemporary appeal to a room, or you can soften the look with decor to give the room a traditional or country look. Brown is a neutral colour that coordinates with many different colours and styles.

Use green as an accent colour in the room with a brown couch. Green is a neutral colour that gives a relaxed look to a room. Your choices range from intense shades of emerald green to softer shades of sage green that will work well with the brown couch. Green colours impart a touch of serenity and a serene atmosphere to interiors. This combination gives a room a natural outdoorsy look. Throws, pillows and area rugs are widely available in green shades.

Purchase rugged furniture that has dark wood tones to complement your room and give it a masculine, contemporary feel. Use painting with bold abstracts and large, contemporary sculptures to heighten this look.

Use red shades of burgundy or rust to accentuate the brown leather couch and create intensity in the room. These colours give the room an energetic look and are perfect for a room you use for entertaining. Brown is a calming shade and exudes low intensity, so using energetic colours is the perfect way to complement the couch and provide balance in the room.

Position your sofa so that it is opposite the focal point in the room, such as a fireplace, TV or large window with a view. More than one person usually sits on a sofa, so using the couch in this way creates an opportunity to make the best of the focal point.

Add two or more accent colours to the neutral base of brown. You can give the room an art deco flair by using bold accent colours, such as gold, red or orange tones. Create a traditional ambience by using other warm colours, such as taupe and apricot, to give the room a homey atmosphere where family members can unwind and relax after a hard day at work or school.

Pick out accessories that emphasise the feeling you want to create in the room. Choose old-fashioned, handmade quilts, Victorian lampshades, and rag or braided rugs to give the room a country, casual appeal. Pick out pictures or other items with fishing motifs, antlers or outdoor scenes if you want a Southwestern or masculine appeal for the area.


Almost any colour will coordinate well with the brown, except for bright yellows, pink tones, pure white or black.

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