How to Track International Flights in the Air

Written by helen harvey | 13/05/2017
How to Track International Flights in the Air
Tracking an international flight is easy. (aircraft nose image by Andrew Breeden from

Tracking the status of a flight in real time can be educational, informative and useful. Particularly if you are responsible for picking a passenger up at the end of his international flight, it is very convenient to know if that flight will arrive on time, or be delayed. With the computer technology and Internet capabilities available today, tracking flights is as easy as going to a proprietary flight tracking website and entering the flight details.

Visit the Flight Stats website. On the right hand side of the home page you will see a box titled "Flight Status".

Select one of the three options for checking flight status. You may check flight status by flight number, airport or route.

Enter the airline, flight number and date of departure, if you have those details available. If you do not, enter the departure airport and select a departure time frame. This will bring up all relevant flights from which you can select.

Click on the aeroplane icon that appears at the right of your selection. This will facilitate real time flight tracking. Information provided includes: a route map and the aircraft's position en-route; scheduled departure time and actual departure time; scheduled arrival time and estimated arrival time; weather conditions and flight and aircraft details. For aviation enthusiasts, technical details are also provided, including the aircraft's current latitude and longitude, speed, altitude and bearing.


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