How to Paint a Mouse Face on a Child

Updated April 17, 2017

A mouse face is one of the easiest designs to paint on a child. Generally, a mouse face needs only a few colours so it's the perfect choice if the little one has a hard time sitting still. Don't worry about it looking perfect as long as the child ends up with a creative design on his face. Kids aren't too worried about the fine details so just have fun painting your child's mouse face.

Apply grey paint to the child's face with a make-up sponge. Avoid getting the paint too close to her eyes. Spread the paint to her forehead, cheeks and chin and to the area above the upper lip.

Use a round make-up brush to paint a round black or pink nose on the bottom of the child's nose. Use black paint to create a small strip down the bridge of the child's nose.

Paint two pink circles on the child's cheeks.

Use a liner brush (thin whiskers) or round brush (thicker whiskers) to create whiskers. Paint about three or four whiskers on each side of the face with black paint.

Outline large ears about an inch above her eyebrows with black paint. Fill in the ears with white paint.

Use the liner brush to paint a few wispy black vertical lines on her forehead to give the impression of fur.

Things You'll Need

  • Face paints
  • Make-up sponge
  • Make-up brushes
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