How to Wear Skullcandy Earbuds Properly

Updated August 11, 2017

Earbuds are of no use if they are loose enough to fall out or so tight that they feel like that they are going to make your middle ear canal explode. Skullcandy earbuds come with a variety of foam earpads that are sized to better fit individual ears. Using the appropriate earpad will ensure that you are wearing your Skullcandy earbuds properly and help you enjoy a better sound experience.

Examine the Skullcandy earbuds for the identifying labels. One earbud is labelled "Left" and one earbud is labelled "Right."

Attach the medium-sized set of foam tips to the earbuds and place the earbuds gently but securely into your ears. The earbud labelled "Left" should be placed into the left ear.

Remove the earbud by pinching the foam tip and pulling it away from the metal end if the earbuds fit too snugly or too loosely. Attach either the smaller or larger pair of foam attachments that were included in the package by pushing them firmly onto the metal part of the earbud at the end of the cable.

Place the respective earbuds into your ears again. Earbuds that fit properly should drown out all outside noise.


Never force anything into your ear. You risk damaging your hearing.

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