How to Change the Aspect Ratio on a Panasonic Viera

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The aspect ratio on a television set controls the shape of the picture on the screen. Select the incorrect aspect ratio and the TV display will look either stretched or squeezed. If the screen display on your Panasonic Viera television set looks wrong, change the aspect ratio with the TV remote control handset to correct the problem.

Switch on the Panasonic television set, and tune to any channel.

Find the "Aspect" button toward the top of the Panasonic television remote control unit.

Push the button to change the aspect ratio on the TV screen. Each time you press the button, the aspect ratio will change, so continue to press the "Aspect" button until the display looks correct. You can choose from several settings to match the resolution of the original TV broadcast.

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