How to Hide Unsightly Wires

Updated February 21, 2017

The combination of wires and cables from your computer, printer, speakers and lamps can cause an unsightly tangle running around the floor of your home or office. Along with appearing messy, wires can also become a tripping hazard. There are a few ways to hide these unmanageable wires, keeping your home or office neat and safe.

Purchase a surge protector. Surge protectors are basically a bar of multiple outlets. Select a surge protector that can be secured under a desk with double-sided strips or hidden on the wall behind a desk. If you decide to adhere the surge protector underneath your desk, make sure to place it where your knees won't bump against it.

Turn off all your electronics and unplug them from various areas of the wall. Untangle any knots and twists in your wires until they are straight.

Plug your electronics into the surge protector one by one.

Remove excess bulk and messiness by bundling the wires together with electrical tape or cable ties. Simply plug the surge protector into the wall outlet and turn it on. This also frees up space for your outlets.


If you have long wires running across the floor, gather them and run them along the sides of your walls. You can either invest in a cord cover or strategically place long curtains, furniture or plants to hide the wires.

Things You'll Need

  • Surge protector
  • Double-sided adhesive strips
  • Electrical tape or cable ties
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