How to use twitter properly

Updated March 23, 2017

Twitter is a social network that allows you to communicate back and forth with users. This site is one of the quickest ways news is delivered and provides a good way to meet other people with the same interests or career. Although there are no rules on how to use Twitter, there is proper etiquette to follow when using the social network. Twitter is a place where many people meet and chat; therefore, it is important to be respectful.

Credit someone when you retweet them. If you copy and paste a tweet from another user, failing to attribute the author is like stealing a tweet. It is proper etiquette to give credit where credit is owed, as with any type of writing. To credit someone copy the tweet (starting with the user name), Type "RT" (for retweet) followed by "@" and paste the user name and tweet in the tweet box on the main home page. Do not retweet someone who has a private profile; their profile is set to private so they can choose who reads their tweets.

Be respectful. Do not use Twitter as a way to slander people or harass ex-boyfriends or friends. It is not the place to make fun of people or share dark secrets. If you have a public Twitter, anyone can access these tweets. To set your profile to private, to approve who can view your tweets, click "Settings" from the top menu, and check the box that reads "Protect my Tweets."

Do not spam people's @ replies, Twitter feeds or direct messages. Many businesses use Twitter for marketing, but it is important to control your tweeting. People are likely to unfollow you if all day they only see your tweets filling up their Twitter feed.

Think before you speak. No one wants to read over and over again how depressed you feel or what you are doing every five minutes. Tweet important or funny messages that will interest a mass crowd. People are less likely to care that "I'm going to the grocery store" or "I'm eating dinner."

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