How to replace stroller wheels

Written by jesse dempsen | 13/05/2017
How to replace stroller wheels
Strollers are a serious investment for parents. (Mothers image by david hutchinson from

Strollers are an essential to the modern parents' lives, and in most cases, a rather expensive and carefully considered investment. So if a stroller wheel breaks, it can be a serious problem. While buying a new stroller may be the first thing that comes to mind, it isn't necessary in most cases. Most stroller manufacturers sell replacement parts or have authorised service centres where you can have repairs made.

Read the stroller manual. Often the manual will include a list of replacement parts and a phone number for the manufacturer.

Contact the stroller manufacturer to see if parts are available. In some cases your stroller may be under warranty, and the repair will be covered at no expense to you.

Follow the manufacturer's directions. You may have to ship the stroller to the manufacturer for repair, or they may just send you replacement parts or direct you to a local authorised service centre. In some cases the manufacturer may be unable to supply you with parts, especially if the stroller model is older.


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