How to Backup XBox 360 Games With DVD Decrypter

If you have an Xbox 360 game that you play a lot, and you would like to create a backup copy of the disc in case some tragedy befalls the original, you can do so using ISO-burning software, DVD Decrypter. DVD Decrypter can work around the copy protection on many discs, but, unlike standard DVDs, DVD Decrypter cannot simply rip and copy Xbox 360 games. Since Xbox 360 game discs use a different technology than standard DVDs, the game file must be altered before you can burn it.

Download Xbox Backup Creator, The free application can create a backup file for any Xbox game in your game library. Install Xbox Backup Creator to your computer.

Place the Xbox 360 game into the Kreon drive of your computer. Launch Xbox Backup Creator from “Start>All Programs.” When Xbox Backup Creator comes up and the disc information populates in the window, click on the radio button by “Complete Backup” and click the “Start” button. Xbox Backup Creator saves the file to your computer’s hard drive as a “.DVD” file.

Open Notepad or another text editor that is installed on your computer. When Notepad opens, go to “File>Open” and find the “.DVD” file on the hard drive. Highlight the number after “LayerBreak” with your mouse, right-click on the copied number and choose “Copy.”

Launch DVD Decrypter on your computer. Open the “Tools” menu and go to “Settings". Switch to the “ISO Write Mode” tab, click the radio button by “User Specified” in the “Layer Break” section, right-click into the box by “User Specified” and choose “Paste” to paste the number from the DVD file. Then, click “OK.”

Return to Notepad or your other text editor. Highlight “LayerBreak” and the number after it and press “Delete” to leave only the “IMAGE” line behind. Go to the “File” menu, select “Save As” and enter a new name for the file. Select a folder on your computer’s hard drive to save the text file into where it will be easy to find.

Go back to DVD Decrypter. Click the “Mode” menu and choose “ISO” and then “Write". Click the folder in the “Source” section and navigate to the folder where you saved the text file you just created. Click the file to highlight it and click the “Open” button to open it in Decrypter.

Remove the Xbox 360 game disc from the DVD drive and place a standard DVD-R into the drive. Click the “Write” button on the main screen of DVD Decrypter. The backup file writes to the disc.


Many standard DVD drives won’t read Xbox 360 discs. Kreon drives, which can be found online, can read Xbox games.

Things You'll Need

  • Kreon DVD drive
  • Xbox game disc
  • Xbox Backup Creator
  • Text editor
  • DVD Decrypter
  • DVD-R
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