How to change a phc file to a pes file

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Older Brother embroidery machines used PHC files to store embroidery patterns, while newer Brother models use the PES file format. PES files are particularly popular among machine embroiderers because they can be read and used by most Bernina, Babylock and Brother machines; in comparison, most other embroidery pattern file formats are exclusive to one machine manufacturer. If you have a PHC file that you want to convert to the newer PES format, you have a couple options to get the job done.

Download and install PE-Design 7 (See "Resources" section) if you do not already own it. They provide a free trial download.

Launch PE-Design.

Choose "File" >"Import" >"From File."

Double-click on your PHC file.

Go to "File" "Save As."

Select ".PES" from the "Save as Type" drop-down menu.

Click "Save."

Download and install Embird (See "Resources" section).The trial download is free.

Click once on the folder where your PHC file is located in the "Folder" box. It should now be highlighted.

Click once on the PHC file in the "Files" box. It should now be highlighted.

Click "Right Panel" in the top menu and choose "Convert Files."

Select "Babylock, Bernina, Brother .PES" and click "OK." You now have both a PHC and a PES version of your original file.

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