How to Import .XPS Documents Into Word

David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Microsoft XML Paper Specification, or XPS, files are a conversion format similar to PDF that create a snapshot of a source file. These files are only viewable with an XPS viewer and are unable to be edited. Similar to other files types, XPS files may be imported into Microsoft Word documents.

Once imported into the document, you may launch the XPS file directly from the Word document into the XPS viewer.

Launch Word and open the DOCX file into which you want to import the XPS file.

Click the "Insert" tab and find the "Text" section. Click "Object" to launch a separate dialogue window.

Click the "Create From File" tab. Click the "Browse" button to open another dialogue window. Use the arrows in the navigation bar on the "Open" window to find the folder in which the XPS file is saved. Highlight the XPS file that you want to import and click the "OK" button. The XPS file name will appear in the "File Name" field on the Object window.

Click the "Display as Icon" check box. Click the "OK" button to complete the process of importing an XPS file into Word.