How to Design Your Own Sports Gloves With Nike ID

Updated February 21, 2017

NikeiD is a program created by Nike for custom-designed shoes, shirts, gloves and sports equipment. With this program, you start with a basic design and add your own colours, patterns, numbers, fabric and more. For gloves, NikeiD only provides (at the time of publication) baseball and football gloves to customise. For goalie gloves, you must choose from the designs already created at Making gloves is a fun process and allows for a completely custom design.

Go to, which will bring you to the home page.

Scroll over the “Men’s” tab and choose “Football” or “Baseball.” You can also browse the entire catalogue by clicking on “View All.”

Scroll through the options and click on the proper item. For football, the gloves are called “Nike Vapor Jet iD BOOM Football Glove - Men’s.”

Click on “Start Blank,” an option on the left centre of the screen. This will allow you to begin customising from the beginning. The rest of the screen has the gloves in the centre and the iD box on the right. There is a small toolbar below the gloves so that you can view different angles and zoom to see the details. On the bottom of the screen is a “Highlights” and “Customer Reviews” tab.

Click on the gloves, which start out black and white. This will open a pop-up screen on the left side of the screen that states, “Choose glove colours.” You can click on each of the five options to see what it looks like. Click on your colour choice.

Look at the iD box on the right. It will say that your design progress is halfway complete. Click on “What’s left?” which will expand the “Color” -- which you have done -- and “Personalization.” Under “Personalization” click “iD” which will open a box on the left of the gloves.

Choose a one to two digit number for your gloves by typing it in the blank box. Click on “Show me” to see your number appear on the gloves. You can also choose a colour of the number. If you choose not to have a number on your gloves, click the “Blank” box at the top of the iD box.

Look at the iD box. You have now completed the progress with "2/2." Below “Color” and “Personalization” is “Size.” Click on the “Size” box, which will open a box on the left of the gloves. Click on the down arrow to choose a size from small to extra large. You also choose the quantity of gloves you wish to purchase. If you are purchasing more than one, you will be asked to choose a size for each additional pair.

You have now created your gloves. You can save the design by clicking “Save” or share -- linking the design to your Facebook, Myspace or Twitter account or adding your design to the Nike gallery -- by clicking “Share” and choosing your preferred option. The last option on the screen is to “Add To Cart.”

Click “View Cart” on the box that pops up once you have clicked “Add To Cart.” Nike also warns you that because the product is custom, it will arrive in about three weeks.

Review your design and if you are not happy, click “Edit” which will bring you back to the iD screen. Once you are satisfied with your purchase, click “Checkout” on the right of the screen and follow directions for completion of sale.

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