How to Get Into the Service Menu on TVs

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The service menu on televisions can be used by advanced TV operators or TV repair technicians to adjust factory TV settings or repair television sets. Different TV makes and models have their own unique values that may differentiate the steps followed when accessing the service menu.

You can get into the service menu on common TV models including Sony TVs, Toshiba TV's and Samsung DLP TV's by pressing a few keys on your television's remote control.

Turn your television off using the TV remote control. Ensure the remote control batteries have power before proceeding. Install new battery cells if the remote control batteries are low on power to ensure the remote control keys works properly.

Press "DISPLAY," "5," "VOL+" and "POWER ON" buttons in this sequence with the television off to access the service menu on a Sony television set. Alternatively, press "DISPLAY," "5," "POWER ON" buttons. The service menu on your Sony TV will be displayed. Once the service menu appears on your TV model you may use the "1" and "4" keys to navigate between menu items, and "3" and "6" buttons to adjust values up or down. Press the "Mute" button then hit "Enter" to save new settings after making changes.

Press "Mute," "1," "8," "2," buttons on your HL-S series Samsung DLP TV's remote control and hit "Power" button to get into the Samsung DLP TV service menu.

Press and hold "Volume Down" on the front panel of your Toshiba 30HF84 (or 26HF84) TV until the volume is "0." Keep holding the "Volume Down" button and press and hold the number "9" key to access the Toshiba service menu.