How to find a company by their phone number

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A company's phone number can help you locate its address and learn more about what it does. You don't need to have the company's full name to retrieve the information; however, adding the area code to a number can help you zero in on its location. The Internet is a good place to start. Not only can you find the company's address, but you can also find directions to the place of business, a list of nearby stores, the website, CEO's name and more.

Go to and select the "Reverse Lookup" tab.

Enter the company's phone number into the Reverse Lookup textbox. The phone number format is not important.

Click the "Find" button and the results for the business will be displayed.

Go to Select the "Find a Business" tab in the navigation, then click on the "Phone Number" link.

Type in the phone number for the company you are searching for and click on "Find." Be sure to include the area code and number. The name and address of the company will be displayed.

Click on the "Visit Web Site," "Products & Services" and "Brands" links for additional information. You may also click to retrieve a map to the company, get directions or search stores nearby.

Find a company that's outside the United States through

Select the continent where the business is located and then click on the country's name.

Click on the "Extended Search" tab and enter the phone number for the company. Then select the "Extended Search" button to locate the international business.

Learn what the Better Business Bureau has on file about a company by going to

Select the "Check out a Business or Charity" button.

Click on the "Phone, URL, Email" tab and enter the company's phone number into the text box.

Press the "Search" button to retrieve your results. The company's information will be displayed if it's in the database.

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