My Laptop Won't Connect to My Wireless Internet

Updated February 21, 2017

Wireless Internet allows you to use your laptop computer in various locations such as different rooms in your home, on the road, or any place that offers this service, such as libraries and restaurants. When the wireless Internet is not working on your computer, adjusting the computer's settings can help fix the problem-although it may take a few troubleshooting steps to get the wireless Internet working properly again.

Look at the laptop hardware to guarantee you have the correct device to properly connect to a wireless router. Wireless adaptors need to be at least 802.11b/g to connect to wireless Internet, which supports 11b and 11g. Laptops that were made in 2008 or later typically contain this. Inspect the underside of the external adaptor, or PC card for this. If you have an internal adaptor, you can check the equipment another way and proceed to the next step to do this.

Choose "Start" in the lower left corner of the screen, then right-click on "My Computer", and then select the "Properties" tab. After the "System Properties" tab pops up, select "Hardware" and the "Device Manager" and 802.11b/g WLAN should come up on the screen. This is the correct hardware to connect to wireless and if the number is lower than that, it may not be sufficient.

Go to the "Start" menu, click on the "Control Panel" tab and then select the "Network Connections" tab. Press the right button on the mouse on the "Wireless Network" icon, select "Properties" then "Internet Protocol."

Select the "Start" menu then click on "Control Panel," and then choose the "Network Connections" tab as you did in the previous step. Press the right button on the mouse on the "Wireless Network" icon and choose "Repair" under this menu. This will connect your computer to the strongest Internet network available in the area and override the previous one.


Try waiting 15 or 20 minutes after losing an Internet connection, because the connection may get better on its own, before you try any troubleshooting. Networks do experience problems and just waiting until the Internet connection improves might be all you need to do.

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