How to Install A Flash Player on A PS3 Browser

In addition to playing video games, Sony's PlayStation 3 gaming console is a full-fledged entertainment hub. It plays CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and has a built-in web browser for going online. Certain internet websites require Flash to be installed on your computer. As you aren't using a computer but a PS3 to view the internet, you'll have to install Flash on it instead. Use this article as a guide as you do just that.

Start your PlayStation 3's web browser. You can do this by navigating to the "Network" category on your PS3's main menu and selecting the "internet" option.

Point your web browser to a website that uses Flash. YouTube, at, is a good example.

Let the page load. Depending on your internet connectio, this could take a few seconds.

Click "OK" when the box reading "Install Missing Plugin" appears on screen. As Flash comes pre-installed on the PS3, this will update you to the latest version of Flash. You will know the update is complete when YouTube videos then begin to load.

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