How to make flower pots out of old tires

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating flower pots out of old car tires gives the tires a new purpose and keeps them out of your local landfills. Tires are not the most attractive item you can use for a flower pot, however, they are practical and usually free. Use one pot to act as an accent piece or use several to create a small garden. Use plants that will drape over the sides of the tire to help soften its edges and to disguise the flower pot's origins.

Clean the tires with water and a mild detergent to remove grease, oil and other contaminants.

Lay the tires flat on the ground with the sidewalls facing upwards.

Puncture the sidewall just below the tread. Use a sharp object, such as a knife, electric drill or awl. Manipulate the sharp object to make a hole that is large enough for you to insert a blade.

Insert the blade of a knife or a jigsaw into the hole in the sidewall. Cut around the perimeter in either a straight or wavy line. Remove the inner portion of the sidewall

Flip the tire over so that it lays flat with the cut side against the ground. Drill holes into sidewalls. Remove enough rubber from around the holes so it does not close in on itself.

Turn the tire inside out by pushing down hard on one spot on the treads and forcing the outer portion to cave in and flip over.

Turn the tire over. Insert landscaping fabric in the interior, covering the large opening.

Paint the tires a light colour for summer plants. Paint with a darker colour for flower pots you want to use in the winter.

Fill the tire with potting soil, using the landscaping fabric to hold the soil inside. Add water to test the drainage holes. Add the plants and flowers of your choice.


Turning the tire inside out is easier on tires that are very worn and when the sun makes the tires more pliable. You can still use the tire as a planter even if you cannot turn it inside out.


Cutting through tires involves a good deal of physical effort, pace yourself to help to reduce fatigue.

Things You'll Need

  • Old tires
  • Blade
  • Electric drill
  • Landscaping fabric
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