How to disconnect the ez-go backup buzzer

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EZ-GO is a company whose name is associated with golf carts by many people. EZ-GO produces several models of carts for use on golf courses. However, the usefulness and application of the carts also extends into home and farm use. Equipped with a gasoline engine or electric motor, EZ-GO carts have features that include an audible back up buzzer. Some owners decide to disconnect the buzzer when using the carts on their own property.

Turn off the EZ-GO golf cart, place the gear selector in neutral and set the parking brake. Remove the key from the ignition before starting work.

Access the battery compartment of the EZ-GO golf cart. Remove the seat, if necessary, to obtain a clear view of the wires that run from the battery.

Put on gloves to protect your hands, while working on the golf cart. Trace the wires from the battery to starter. Refer to an EZ-GO wiring diagram to help trace the wires to the correct location. Locate the backup buzzer; on some models it is near the starter switch.

Locate the backup buzzer as well as the wire connection running to the contact on or near the starter. Pull the buzzer wire free from the contact. Use a pair of pliers if necessary, to help in disconnecting the buzzer wire.

Replace the seat over the battery compartment. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for starting and placing the cart in reverse to test that the buzzer has been disconnected.

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