How to dispose of old home heating oil

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If you have an abandoned or replaced oil heating tank on your property, it may contain old home heating oil that you need to dispose of. If this is the case, you will have to follow the environmental safety guidelines set forth by your local council when you throw it away. If you plan to get rid of the heating tank, you will need to first drain the old home heating oil and discard it properly.

Call your council's waste disposal department to enquire about the process of disposing of home heating oil. This department will be at the county council, unless you live within the boundaries of a unitary authority. Since home heating oil is considered a hazardous waste, your local waste disposal authority may offer free pick up of these materials. If not, you will have to transport the oil to a local ecological processing centre.

Keep your old home heating oil in closed storage containers or jugs that have the size and capacity to hold the liquid. Search online or in the Yellow Pages for a local oil drum supplier. Use a funnel specifically made for use with oil to get the old heating oil into these containers safely. Wear gloves when handling the oil.

Label the old home heating oil prior to disposal. Do not mix different types of oils when disposing of it and clearly label each container.

Transport the home heating oil to the recycling centre. Make sure the lids are secured and use a truck with an open bed if possible. The recycling centre staff will give you further instructions once you arrive.

Contact a local firm that professionally disposes of home heating oil and tanks. If you don't feel comfortable working with these substances, look for local home heating oil maintenance firms to assist you with the job.

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