How to fold skullcandy headphones

Updated November 21, 2016

A popular folding style of Skullcandy headphones that fit on your ears are called the Lowriders. They have a fancy way of folding into themselves so you can take them with you wherever you want to go. There are many colours and patterns for this style headphone, making it popular as a fashion statement.

Hold the headphones by the earpieces, one earpiece in each hand.

Press the earpieces together in the centre of the headphones. They will separate a bit from the next joint.

Hold the earpieces together in the centre with one hand, and hold the top piece that goes over your head with the other hand.

Press the earpieces up towards the top band of the headphones. All the joints should collapse at their break points and the top band of the headphones will wrap neatly around the earpieces.


Coil the cord and store in a storage bag or an oversized pocket. Stuffing the cord may cause it to tangle and get caught in the headphone joints, making it more difficult to unfold the headphones later.


Do not sit on or crush the headphones, or they will not fold together properly. The joints of the headphones could pinch skin so pay attention as you fold them.

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