How to decorate a living room using burgundy sofas & chairs

Decorating your living room by using burgundy furnishings, such as a sofa and chairs, will create an energetic ambience. Shades of red excite people, bring out feelings of intimacy and can even increase appetite, according to the James Madison University website. A living room with burgundy furniture is a perfect place to watch a rowdy football game with your friends or to entertain guests.

Position your burgundy sofa and chairs so that they face the focal point in your living room. The focus can be a TV, fireplace, entertainment centre or even a gorgeous view. Red shades such as burgundy tend to draw the eye to the object thus creating a natural balance to the focal point.

Add rugs, floor pillows and throws in such accent colours as hunter green, muted gold or taupe but use the colour reflections in the room to your advantage. Yellow tones tend to give red shades an orange cast in a well-lit room. If this is displeasing to you, using a deep green colour in your accents may be a better choice if the room receives a great deal of natural or artificial light throughout the day. Use green hues to offset the energetic burgundy sofa and chairs. Green is the most calming colour in nature and it will tone down the ambience.

Use burgundy and your other accent colours in your wall art, lampshades and any decor you place around the living room to balance the room visually.

Place a wallpaper border near the ceiling or use it as a decorative chair rail around the room to incorporate the burgundy and accent colours.

Incorporate dark wood tones in picture frames, occasional chairs or coffee and end tables to add a touch of sophistication to your burgundy furniture. Dark woods will enhance the earthiness of the burgundy shade and give the room a majestic or sophisticated look to your decor.

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