How to Use a Jabra Bluetooth Head Set

Updated April 01, 2017

Jabra makes a large selection of Bluetooth headsets that can be used as hands-free devices with your mobile phone. The small headsets connect to your phone using radio waves, and can be used to make and receive phone calls in situations where you want to keep your hands available for other activities, such as driving your car. If you've recently purchased a Jabra Bluetooth headset, learning how to use the accessory is a fairly simple process.

Pair your Jabra headset to your mobile phone. You can pair the headset by going into your phone's Bluetooth menu and having it search for new devices. When your headset is listed on the screen, select it, and then enter 0000 as the pairing code to complete the pairing process and connect the two devices together.

Press the power button on the back of your headset quickly once to put the headset in standby mode. When in standby mode, the light on the back of your headset will flash.

Press the button on the back of your headset with a phone handset icon on it to answer a phone call, or before you would like to place a call. This is essentially the same as picking up a traditional phone. If your phone has voice dailing, you can then say the same of someone you would like to call to have the phone dial for you. You can also physically dial a number on your handset to have the phone place the call.

Use the toggle switch on the side of your headset to turn the volume of the headset up or down. Pressing the switch up will turn the volume up and pressing it down will turn the volume down.

Press and hold the power button down to power your Jabra headset off when not in use. The light on the back of your headset will turn off when the headset is no longer powered on.

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