How to Adjust Timex Watch Bands

A loose, ill-fitting watch band can take all the fun out of having a brand new wrist watch. Many Timex watch models come with several extra band links to give you the option of adjusting the band for a custom fit. While you can take your watch to a professional jeweller and pay to have the band adjusted, you can save money by performing the simple watch repair at home.

Place your Timex wrist watch face down on the neoprene mouse pad in the centre of a clean, flat work surface. Examine the back of the watch band to determine which links can be removed; removable links will be marked with a small arrow.

Turn the watch band upright so the engraved arrows on the back of the band are pointing up. Look between the removable band links for the metal link pins that hold the links of the band together.

Push the link pins up in the direction indicated by the engraved arrows, using a watch pin removal tool or thumbtack. Apply as much pressure as necessary to force out the stubborn link pins. Set the removed link and link pin aside. Repeat this step to remove the desired number of band links.

Rejoin your Timex watch band to complete the band-adjustment process. Hold the two end links together and reinsert one of the link pins in the opposite of the direction that it was removed. Tap in the link pin with a small rubber jewelery mallet until it is flush with the watch band.


Adjust your Timex watch band in a quiet room where you can work without being disturbed. Remove excess links from alternating sides of the watch band to ensure that the face of the watch will remain centred.


Take care to avoid scratching the finish of your Timex watch when removing links to adjust the band length.

Things You'll Need

  • Neoprene mouse pad
  • Watch pin removal tool or thumbtack
  • Small rubber jewellery mallet
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