How to Adjust Glasses Nose Pads

Updated April 17, 2017

Nose pads on glasses determine how the glasses sit on your face. Glasses that rest the right way on your nose provide comfort and ensure that the lenses are angled correctly for optimum vision correction. If your glasses sit crookedly or in an uncomfortable position, adjusting the nose pads can help.

Determine what is wrong with the way your glasses rest on your nose. Look in the mirror and decide of they are too high or too low, or if one side is crooked or leans too far to the left or right.

Hold the frame of the glasses firmly. Don't worry about getting fingerprints on the lenses because you can clean them off when you finish adjusting the nose pads.

Use your fingers to gently adjust the hinge that the nose pads sit on according to how you need the glasses to sit on your face. For example, if one side is too high, move that nose pad out to the side slightly so it will allow that side of the glasses to sit lower on your face. Move the hinges slightly until you get them to their desired position.

Look at the glasses from the front to ensure both nose pads sit evenly apart and at the same location on either side of the glasses. This ensures that the glasses don't sit crookedly on your face.

Place the glasses on your face to test for an acceptable fit. If you need to continue making slight adjustments, do so until you achieve a comfortable, proper fit.


Take care not to break the nosepieces. If you bend them too far, the metal in them will break and you will have to pay to have them fixed.

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