How to Use a 2 Part Stove Top Coffee Maker

Updated February 21, 2017

Prepare coffee without a coffeemaker using an old fashioned hob coffeemaker, also known as a Moka espresso pot. These simply designed coffeemakers can also be taken on camp-outs for fresh coffee miles from the nearest kitchen. Rather than conventional coffee, these coffeemakers produce a strong espresso, which can be mixed with an equal amount of hot water for a milder cup of coffee.

Fill the bottom half of the hob coffeepot with water to the line on the inside.

Add the ground coffee to the filter basket up to the brim, levelling off the extra with the back of a butter knife.

Place the filter basket into the top portion of the coffeemaker and check the seal of the gasket and filter disk.

Screw the top half of the coffeemaker onto the bottom tightly.

Place the coffeemaker on the stove over medium high heat to heat the water in the bottom.

Heat the coffeepot for 4 to 5 minutes or until you hear a gurgling sound, which indicates that all of the water has percolated through the coffee.

Serve the coffee from the top half of the pot as espresso or mix it with an equal amount of hot water for milder coffee.

Things You'll Need

  • Moka espresso pot (hob coffeemaker)
  • Water
  • Filter basket
  • Ground coffee beans (espresso grind)
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