How do I Build an Elephant With LEGO Pieces?

Written by emma nichols | 13/05/2017
How do I Build an Elephant With LEGO Pieces?
You can create an elephant with a moving trunk and ears using LEGO pieces. (lego 1 image by Nathalie P from

LEGOs are small plastic bricks with raised bumps that make it easy to lock pieces together. LEGOs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, making it possible to build virtually anything. You can build your own creations using large boxes of miscellaneous LEGOs or purchase specific sets made by LEGO. These sets range from characters and people to buildings and animals. If you want to build an elephant, you can purchase and assemble the 4904, which is just an elephant, or LEGO Creator Wild Hunters, a box set with a number of animals, including an elephant.

Take one long, thin LEGO piece and place it next to a small, thin piece.

Attach a long, thin piece to the first two pieces so that two raised bumps are peeking out on the opposite end of the small piece.

Attach a medium-sized thin piece to the two raised bumps. Then attach a small, thin piece directly under it. There will be a small gap between the small, thin piece and a long, thin piece underneath.

Attach the white piece to the medium piece above the small one you just attached. Then attach two medium-sized thin pieces next to it.

Attach a small, thick piece on top of the white one. Attach the small, thick piece with holes on both sides next to it. Insert the black, round pieces in the holes. These are the eyes.

Attach a medium-sized, thick piece next to the piece with the holes. Attach one of the pointed pieces next to it, with the slope facing away from the other pieces.

Attach another pointed piece over the piece with the holes and the end piece. Make sure the slope is facing away from the other pointed piece. Attach the thin, black piece and a medium-sized thin piece next to it.

Attach a small, thin piece next to the pointed piece, directly over the black piece.

Attach the black ear pieces to the thin black pieces.

Attach two pointed pieces to the bottom, with the slopes facing forward. Attach a small thick piece to each one, then a flat black piece to the bottom to make the feet and finish the elephant.

Things you need

  • LEGO 4904 Elephant or LEGO Creator Wild Hunters

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