How to Replace the Rear Struts on a Toyota Corolla

Updated July 20, 2017

One of the best-selling cars worldwide, the compact and affordable Toyota Corolla has been in production for more than 40 years. Winner of the 2010 Top Safety Pick award, the Corolla is known for it's Japanese engineering and handling. Replacing the rear struts when they are damaged or worn out can increase the Corolla's handling and performance. The rear struts can also be replaced with aftermarket struts in order to lower the suspension, which further increases the Corolla's handling.

Remove the rear seat cushions by forcing a screwdriver upwards at the bottom of the seat and unclip both fasteners located at the edges of the rear seats. Push the seat belt latches down and pull out the seat cushions, exposing the top of the rear struts.

Remove the three bolts located on the back portion of the seat that connect to the body of the Corolla, using a socket wrench. Lift the back portion of the seats up and manoeuvre them around the seat belts in order to take them out and expose the Corolla's metal body.

Lift the caps off both strut mounts, located at both sides of the inside the rear of the Corolla, which are seen once the seats are removed.

Pull and pry off the hubcaps on both rear wheels. Loosen the four nuts found at the centre of both wheels using a socket wrench.

Lift the rear of the Corolla using a jack and axle stands, bringing the rear wheels off the ground.

Remove the loosened nuts and pull out the rear wheels, exposing the rear struts. Remove both nuts found at the bottom of each rear strut.

Unclip the small metal shim located at the side of the strut to disconnect the brake line with a socket wrench, and quickly reattach it in order to detach the rear sway bar connector.

From inside the rear of the Corolla, remove the three nuts located at the top of both rear struts. Gently manoeuvre and pull the rear struts out of the vehicle.

Gently clip the coil spring compressor to the rear struts and carefully pull to detach the strut mount, located at the top of the struts. Remove the struts and attach a new pair of struts to the strut bar with the coil spring compressor and reassemble the strut mount.

Repeat the steps in reverse to install the new rear struts on the Corolla.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Wrench
  • Jack and Axle Stands
  • Coil Spring Compressor
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