How to Install My Glove Box on a 451 Smart Car

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The 451 Smart Fortwo car is a three door European supermini and cabrio that is equipped with a compact and distinct body. The 451 designation represents all Fortwo models built from 2008 onwards, with 2007 and earlier models identified as 450s. You will need to remove your Smart car's glove box when it is broken or when removing the upper dash or when installing a glove box flap. Installing a new glove box on your Smart car requires the removal of your old glove box first, which can be done with a T25 Torx screwdriver.

Park your Smart car on a level surface.

Open the passenger side door to gain access to the glove box, found at the passenger side of the dashboard.

Pull at the top portion of the polystyrene block towards you and then push it downwards to detach it from the dashboard. The polystyrene block is found below your Smart car's glove box.

Detach the four screws used to hold the glove box. One screw can be found at the left side of the glove box, a second screw on the left side of the lower plastic bracket and the remaining two screws are located on the right side of the glovebox. Use a T25 Torx screwdriver, turning it counterclockwise.

Pull out the two plastic pins and plastic inserts found below the glove box to loosen the unit.

Slide the glove box away from your 451 Smart car's dashboard. If your Smart is equipped with MP3 wiring, slide away the glove box in a gentle motion to ensure the MP3 wiring does not get detached.

Slide the new glove box into your Smart car's dashboard and then push the two plastic pins back into the inserts in order to secure the unit in place.

Reattach each of the previously removed screws.

Slide the polystyrene block back to its location below the glove box and then close your Smart car's passenger door.

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