How to make a child's wolf costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Wolves are common figures in fairy tales and other children's and preteen fiction stories. While wearing a wolf costume, a child has hours of fun and uses his imagination. The outfit will allow a certain amount of play-acting, which many kids find enjoyable--a kid in a wolf costume can pretend to howl, bark and "hunt" other children.

Fold a 38-by-101-cm (15-by-40-inch) section of fake fur in half; then cut out an oval-shaped opening for the face. This shape forms the hood of the wolf costume.

From another piece of fake fur, cut triangles for the ears, leaving a 2.5cm (1-inch) tab. Fold over the tab and place the ears 7.5cm (3 inches) up from the hole for the face. Sew or tape the tabs to the hood.

Fold 2 pipe cleaners into a V-shape, then fold the ends of the pipe cleaners to create 2.5cm (1-inch) tabs. Sew the pipe cleaners to the backs of the ears, with the 1-inch tabs along the top of the hood to keep the ears upright.

Attach the hood to the knit cap so that the hood will stay on the child's head. Place double-sided tape along the rim of the knit cap, right above the face. Align the top of the face-sized oval cutout with the double-sided tape, and press down along the tape. The knit cap secures the hood.

Also attach a bit of double-sided tape along the back of the knit cap's rim. Press the back of the hood into the tape--this will make the fur hood take on the shape of the child's head.

Tuck the rest of the fur into the wolf's shirt when you put on the costume. Ideally, match the child's shirt and trousers to the colour of the fur (and buy a long-sleeved shirt).

Cut a strip of the fake fur for the tail, fold it lengthwise and sew along the seam. Pin the tail to the back of the wolf's jeans with safety pins.

For paws (if desired), cut out 4 ovals from a piece of scrap fur and attach them to the tops of shoes and gloves with double-sided tape--it should appear as if the wolf's fur is coming out of the child's clothes.

Paint the wolf-child's face with browns, blacks, greys and whites--try to match the colour of the face paint to the fake fur. Sponge on a grey base over the child's face, taking care around the eye area. Paint white fur-like strokes along the eyebrow underneath the eyes, on each side of the temple and under the chin--the fur should radiate away from the eyes, just as it does on a real wolf.

Paint black lines down the nose before placing short black strokes over the white strokes you just made as well as the grey areas. Let the brush get dry and scraggly to make short and thin hair marks.

Paint the lips black, and extend lines from each end of the lips to create a wolf mouth.

Draw whiskers with white or black face paint. Put on the fake wolf's or dog's nose.


Before painting the wolf's face, study photos of a wolf face.

Things You'll Need

  • Panel of fake fur, 1-by-1.5 metres length (4-by-5-foot)
  • Scissors
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Double-sided tape
  • Knit cap
  • Rubber wolf or dog nose (optional)
  • Face paint
  • Face paint make-up brushes
  • Make-up sponge
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