How to Make an Adult Mickey Mouse Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Mickey Mouse is an icon, one of the most lovable cartoon characters of all time and the symbol of the Disney empire. A Mickey costume is fairly simple to make at home and you may only need to purchase a few items. It would be even cuter to grab a female friend and have her be Minnie. This costume works on people of all ages and can be adapted as needed depending on what items you have on hand.

Start with a black top. Since Mickey is a black mouse, long sleeves would be best. A cotton pullover would work as well.

Add black tights or trousers for the mouse "legs."

Grab a pair of bright red shorts and pull them over the tights or trousers. If you don't have black tights or trousers you can simply do the red shorts or wear red trousers.

Tie on some yellow shoes. Mickey has big yellow feet, so yellow sneakers that are brightly coloured would probably work.

Add white gloves and black mouse ears. Use black eyeliner or costume make-up to blacken your nose to make it appear more mouse-like.

Things You'll Need

  • Black long sleeved shirt
  • Black tights of trousers
  • Red shorts
  • White gloves
  • Yellow shoes
  • Mouse ears
  • Black make-up for nose
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