How to Use the Wireless Mic for Nintendo Wii

Updated April 17, 2017

A wireless microphone for the Nintendo Wii will work with any game that accepts vocal input, including Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour and Karaoke Revolution. Setup is usually configuration-free, and takes only a moment.

Insert batteries into the microphone according to the product's manual. While the microphone will require power, most receivers draw power from the Wii system's USB port and do not need batteries.

With the Wii system switched off, plug the wireless receiver of the microphone into one of the system's free USB slots.

Turn on the Wii system to power the receiver.

Turn the microphone on and wait a moment for the device to connect to the receiver. You must keep the microphone within the maximum operational distance of the receiver to maintain the connection.

Start a game compatible with the microphone. It automatically detects the microphone for use. Games without microphone compatibility will not recognise the device. Most games require you to plug in a standard Wii controller as well to navigate the game's menus.

Turn off the microphone to conserve battery life when finished using it.


If your game does not pick up the microphone signal correctly, look for a calibration option in the game's options menu. This feature allows you to turn up or down the microphone's sensitivity to work well with that specific game.


While using two or more wireless microphones at the same time, their wireless signals may conflict. If your microphones' have signal channel selectors, set the two devices to use different channels.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Wireless USB microphone
  • Microphone compatible game
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