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Supplies Needed to Make Worship Flags & Banners

Updated February 21, 2017

Christian worship dance has taken centre stage in many areas of the United States and abroad as a captivating form of worship. Found both during church services and as part of evangelical arts performances, you can use many different supplies to make the worship flags and banners that are integral to a dance routine. Some supplies include felt, wooden dowels and ribbon.

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Fabric for Flags and Banners

The most important supply you will need for your worship flags and banners is fabric. For young dancers, or for those worship dance teams of all ages who wish to have durable, long-lasting flags, felt is an ideal choice. Stiff enough to withstand both energetic dance praise and storage in a church closet, felt is also simple to work with. If you would rather have something more free flowing and capable of being longer in length, use satin or lamé. A standard-sized banner or flag with this softer material is about 36 inches long.

Wooden Dowels

Traditionally, many flags and banners are attached to wooden dowels. These are durable enough to last for quite some time, while also being affordable enough for most dance ministries' budgets. Purchase dowels at home-improvement stores or craft shops. Four feet is an ideal length for a flag's dowel. You may also opt to use bamboo canes or fibreglass rods to attach your flag or banner.

Glue and Stitches

Gluing or stitching your flag will help it last longer and provide a cleaner look. For felt banners or flags, use a strong craft or fabric glue to attach the material to the dowel. Fold over the edges of the flag and glue those down as well to prevent fraying or tearing. For softer fabrics, use a sewing machine to make a tight stitch along the edges of the flag or banner to reduce fraying, and stitch loops to attach to the pole or dowel. Use a strong glue to secure it to the pole more firmly.


Worship flags can be as distinct and individual as each dancer's own personal praise to God. Invest in some sequins or beads, or cut shapes and words out of felt. Use ribbon for either detailed decoration, or to simply create a series of streamers to use in your dance. Your local craft store may have other ideas for flags and banners, such as iron-ons and fabric paints, that can be used for detail and embellishment.

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