How to Make My Microphone Work on My CD Player

hi-fi cd player image by Yorkie Paul from

If you have a CD player that has some sort of audio input, you can connect any audio source to the device, including a microphone. Connecting the microphone to your CD player allows you to listen to the audio content being received on the microphone through the speakers of the CD player.

The connection process only requires a few extra cables to perform the entire hookup.

Plug the XLR end of the XLR-to-1/4-inch cable into the XLR port on the microphone.

Insert the 1/4-inch end of the male cable into the 1/4-inch-female-to-RCA-audio red and white connection. The female 1/4-inch end has the connection port opening, while the male end inserts into the connection.

Plug the RCA audio red and white connections into the red and white "Audio In" ports on the CD player.

Power on the microphone and the CD player. Set the CD player to the "Input" setting and begin talking through the microphone. You can now hear the content of the microphone over the CD speakers.