How to make doughnuts with a doughnut maker

Updated March 16, 2017

Deep-fried dough, shaped like a circle, with a little hole cut out in the middle and covered with sugar and served hot -- there's nothing quite like a doughnut. You can typically find doughnuts on sale in the bakery aisle at most supermarkets, but they can't hold a candle to the homemade variety. Serve fresh doughnuts by using a doughnut maker gadget. Top your fresh doughnuts with icing, sugar or your own favourite treat.

Buy a commercial doughnut mix and follow the instructions on the box to create the doughnut batter. Make your own doughnut batter by following a family recipe or using one from an online recipe site.

Drizzle a little oil into each doughnut well on the maker and use a paper towel to spread it over the cooking pan of the doughnut maker. Plug the doughnut maker into the wall socket and close the lid.

Watch for the heating light to turn green or to go out (if red). This depends on the doughnut maker brand -- some brands have a red light that turns off when the maker is heated while others have a green light that turns on when it is ready.

Spoon approximately 15 ml (1 tbsp) of doughnut batter into each cooking well on the doughnut maker. Close the lid and allow the doughnuts to cook for between two and four minutes or until golden brown. Open the lid and remove the doughnuts with a plastic spatula. Allow the doughnuts to cool slightly before topping them off.

Things You'll Need

  • Doughnut batter
  • Vegetable oil
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