How to prepare lamb liver for dogs

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Lamb liver is a great source of nutrition for your dog, especially vitamin A. Many dog owners favour an all-natural diet, and offal such as animal liver is a key part of that feeding plan. Liver is rich in protein, which is essential for growth and energy.

Your butcher might be happy to dice the lamb liver for you, but if not, it is quite easy to do yourself. It is important that you use a reputable butcher, as offal such as liver from poor quality sources can contain disease.

Clean all of the kitchen equipment you intend to use. Dogs have very sensitive noses and can detect decaying food particles. This often can cause a dog that is a fussy eater to leave its food. It also is important to clean the forks, knives and bowls you use to prepare your dog's meals to avoid cross contamination. For example, chocolate contains theobromine and is poisonous to dogs. Many people also prefer to use separate utensils for their dogs for hygiene reasons.

Dice the liver into small cubes and set them to one side.

Chop vegetables to go with the liver. Dogs love meat but they also benefit from vegetables; they are omnivores, after all. In the wild, they get their vegetables from their prey. Dogs typically hunt herbivores, which will usually have an amount of undigested vegetation in the stomach. Broccoli and spinach are both rich in iron and are easy to mix with lamb liver.

Mix the vegetables with the liver. Lamb liver is a great source of protein for dogs, especially when served raw. In the wild, dogs only eat raw food. Cooking the food, although it might taste nicer to us humans, actually reduces the digestive enzymes that are present in the meat, which help the dogs get all the nutrients they need from their food.

Boil a handful of brown rice in the sauce pan. Fibre is important for a dog's digestion and brown rice is an excellent source of fibre. Once boiled, allow it to cool before sprinkling it over the meat and vegetables, before mixing everything with a spoon.

Prepare gravy by adding boiling water to a mix. You can use any type of meaty gravy, such as chicken, beef or pork. If your dog is used to eating canned dog food, it might be a difficult transition to lamb liver. Wean your dog to lamb's liver with a little gravy. Allow the gravy to cool before serving.

Serve the meal to the dog.