How to Clean HP Inkjet Printer Heads

Updated February 21, 2017

Occasionally, you may need to clean the printer heads in your HP Inkjet printer. The printer heads contain an array of tiny nozzles, which direct where on the page the ink droplets land. Sometimes ink droplets dry before they can exit the print head, causing a partial or complete blockage. You will notice splotchy printouts, or missing dots in the text or images. HP recommends using the printer's self-cleaning program to remove blocks in the printer head.

Click on the computer's "Start" or Windows button, and select "All Files" or "Files." Select the "HP" folder, and click on "HP Toolbox."

Select the tab labelled "Printer Services." Click on the button labelled "Clean Cartridges."

Choose to clean the colour or black ink cartridge or both by clicking on the corresponding buttons. Follow any on-screen instructions, which will vary depending on the model of your printer.

Use the printer's drivers to clean the printer heads if you do not have the HP Toolbox installed on your computer. In an open document, click on "File" at the top of the window, and then "Print."

Click on the "Properties" button, and click on the "Maintenance" tab. Select "Clean Cartridges." Click on the buttons next to the colour, black or both options, then click "OK."

Wait for the printer to generate a printout, signalling the end of the cleaning process. Repeat the cleaning process up to three times if you still see problems in the printouts.

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