How to make a V-neck halter top out of new fabric

Updated February 21, 2017

Halter tops aren't just suitable for warm weather; they're flattering to most body shapes as well. Halters give extra emphasis and attention to the neck and shoulders, taking attention away from the stomach and reducing accentuation from a small chest. You can make a simple but instantly fashionable V-neck halter top out of a square piece of fabric or a scarf without sewing. This is an easy way to transition a business suit to evening attire suitable for a date or a party.

Lay the fabric in front of you. Tie a small knot in the middle of the fabric. If the fabric is not two-sided but has a clear front and back, tie the knot at the back of the fabric.

Fold the fabric diagonally, making the square shape into a triangle. Make sure that when you fold it like this, the knot that you just tied is on the inside of the fold.

Hold the folded crease that you just made by the right and left corner. Wrap this crease around your waist, letting the unfolded portions of the fabric hang down around you, almost like a skirt. Knot the right and left corner together at your back.

Hold the right portion of the fabric that is hanging down with your right hand. Hold the left hanging portion of the fabric that is hanging down with your left hand. Pull them up past your torso and tie them at the back of your neck in a knot to create a V-neckline.

Adjust the knots so that they're not visible.

Things You'll Need

  • Square fabric, 120 cm by 120 cm (47 inches by 47 inches)
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