How to Connect a HomePlug

Updated March 23, 2017

HomePlug is a technology that allows standard electrical wiring to be turned into broadband access lines. HomePlug devices are attached to your modem or router, then into the power outlets of your home. HomePlug enables you to receive broadband internet, HD video and digital music throughout your home. Smart Energy applications can even be implemented using HomePlug technology, but first you'll need to understand how to install the technology's hardware. It should be noted that various companies sell HomePlug adaptors, but most adaptors offer the same type of plug-and-play installation.

Plug one of the ends of your Ethernet (Cat-5) cable into the bottom slot of the HomePlug adaptor. The end of the Ethernet cable looks like an over-sized telephone cable and the bottom of the adaptor looks like an over-sized phone plug. Gently press the cable into place until it clicks in firmly.

Plug the adaptor with the attached Ethernet cable into a three pronged electrical socket. Do not plug the adaptor into a power strip.

Attach the other end of the Ethernet cable to one of the available Ethernet ports on the back of your router or modem. The end piece should once again click into place.

Plug a new Ethernet cable into another adaptor, then plug that adaptor into the wall close to where you want the secondary piece of equipment to be connected. Take the free end of the Ethernet adaptor and plug it into the device you would like to connect to the internet. You can connect your adaptor to video game systems with LAN (Ethernet) ports, to computers and to other "connected devices."

Turn on the wired connection for your system. For example, with Windows PCs you will go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel," followed by the "Network Connections" option. Click on the "Wired" option and choose "Enable." For PlayStation 3 users, you will go to your "internet Connections" option and make sure the "Wired internet Connection" option is chosen. Refer to your device's internet connection help guide to find out how to turn on a wired connection.


Some HomePlug adaptors may require you to install software on each PC. This software will ask for the password on each adaptor, which is usually printed on the adaptors. In most cases, however, you will simply install the HomePlug adaptors and begin using them.

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