How to Build Simple Wooden Toy Cars & Trucks

Updated February 21, 2017

Modern toys are very high-tech with complex electronics and computerised parts. Digital game systems and huge remote-controlled cars have taken the place of spinning tops and wooden cup-and-ball games. Sometimes, though, the simplest toys can be the most fun. A handmade wooden toy has a special character and nostalgic feel. You can help your child get in touch with this nostalgia by making simple wooden toy cars and trucks yourself.

Spread a few thin lines of wood glue on the bottom of one of the 2-inch square blocks. Attach this block to the top of one of the wooden rectangles, directly in the centre of the block. This will form the wooden car. Glue the other 2-inch block on top of the other rectangle, but glue it towards one end of the rectangle. This will form the wooden truck. Allow the glue to harden, at least two to four hours.

Saw off four pieces from the wooden dowel. Each piece should be 3 inches long. Set aside.

Turn the wooden blocks over so that the larger rectangular blocks are on top. Hammer the nail into the four corners of each block, making a hole in each corner about 2 millimetres deep. These holes will serve as guide holes for the eye screws. Screw four eye screws into each wooden block as far as they will go.

Glue one wheel to one end of each of the four wooden dowel pieces. Insert the other end of the dowel through the eye screws so that each block has two wooden dowel axles. Glue the other wheel onto the other end of the dowel and allow the wheels to set so that the glue can harden.


These directions will make one wooden toy car and one wooden toy truck. You can repeat these directions to make as many wooden toys as you wish.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 wooden blocks, 2 by 2 by 1 inches
  • Container of wood glue
  • 2 wooden blocks, 6 by 2 by 1 inches
  • Wooden dowel, 3 feet long, 1/4-inch diameter
  • Handsaw
  • Claw hammer
  • Nail, 2-inch flat head
  • 8 eye screws
  • 8 wooden wheels, 1-inch diameter
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