How to Adjust Plastic Eyeglasses

Updated February 21, 2017

Ill-fitting glasses will slide down your nose or will appear slanted on your face. In these cases, you will need to adjust plastic framed eyeglasses periodically to ensure the proper fit. This consists of bending the earpieces to fit more snugly on the head or bending the hinges so that the glasses sit evenly on the nose.

Run the eyeglass temple tips under hot water for several minutes until they are bendable.

Hold the end of the temple tip and the bridge of the glasses firmly in both hands. If the glasses are too loose, gently bend both the temple tips toward each other a few millimetres so that they will grasp the head better. If the glasses are too tight, gently bend both the temple tips away from each other a few millimetres. Do not apply too much pressure as this can break the glasses.

Try the glasses on. Repeat steps one and two if they still do not fit correctly.

Lay the glasses right side up on a table. If the glasses are uneven, they will rock back and forth. Determine which temple arm needs to be adjusted.

Run that eyeglass temple arm under hot water for several minutes until it becomes malleable.

Grasp the eyeglass temple arm and the bridge of the glasses in both hands. Gently apply pressure to the arm until it is even with the other.

Lay the glasses on the table. If they continue to rock back and forth repeat Steps 2 and 3. Try them on and look into a mirror to determine if the glasses are even.


If you would like a professional to handle your eyeglass adjustment, take them to a eyeglass store where most employees will be able to adjust your glasses for free. Do not attempt this procedure on metal or wire glasses. The metal will heat up and crack when you try to adjust it.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Mirror
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