How to Draw a Castle for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Children love imaginative play. Pretending to be fairy princesses, knights and dragons are just some of the ways kids can be creative. If you want to add to their creativity by giving them a castle to draw or play with, it is very simple to do. A few detailed lines and distinctive shapes will make a castle that children are sure to love.

Draw a medium-sized rectangle in the middle of the paper. On both sides of the rectangle, draw two longer vertical rectangles that are aligned with the rectangle in the middle. The two longer rectangles will be the turrets of the castle. The medium-sized rectangle in the middle will be the main body of the castle.

Draw two triangles on top of the two longer rectangles. Make sure that the size and shape of the triangles are the same on both sides.

Lightly draw two ovals inside each of the two longer rectangles. Place one oval at the top of the rectangle and one in the middle. Draw a horizontal line through the middle of each oval.

Once you have drawn your lines, erase the bottom part of each oval. The resulting half-moon shape will represent the windows.

Create a drawbridge. Draw a square in the centre bottom of the middle rectangle that you have already drawn. Draw a series of straight vertical lines across the span of the new square. This will create the effect of a wooden drawbridge.

Across the top of the middle rectangle, draw a series of small squares. These will represent the stones, called battlements or crenellations, that lie across the top of the castle.

Fill in the longer rectangles with a pattern of bricks. Do this by drawing small rectangles to fill in each turret. The rectangles should be spaced a little bit apart from each other.

Finish your castle with details. Add colours or shading to finalise your drawing and make your castle as realistic as possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Sketching paper
  • Pencils
  • Coloured pencils
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