How to Save Folders on a Memory Stick

A memory stick is used as an extension to your PC's hard drive. You can save data and multimedia files to it as well as transfer the files over to another system using the same memory stick. This makes file transfer a breeze and eliminates the use of delicate and bulky items, such as CD-ROM disks. Memory sticks are about the size of your thumb, and some are even small enough to fit on a key ring.

Insert the memory stick into the USB port on your PC. If you have a desktop PC, the USB ports will be located on the tower. If you have a laptop or netbook computer, the USB ports should be located on the perimeter.

Open the "Start" menu, which is located in the bottom left corner of the toolbar.

Open "My Computer" and locate the name of your memory stick. On some PCs, the memory stick will display the names "Storage" or "Memory." Open this drive and minimise it.

Open the "Start Menu", then go to "My Computer."

Open the "C" drive. When the display box opens for the "C" drive, click "Users." Select the username that has the folders you want to save. You will be shown a list of folders that were preset by the PCs manufacturer. If the folder you want to save is not displayed in this list, locate it by clicking into one of the preset folders. For instance, if the folder you want is located on your desktop, open the "Desktop" folder.

Right click the folder that you want to send. Scroll down to properties and make sure the used space does not exceed the space on your memory stick.

Drag the folder into your memory stick's folder. Once the transfer is completed, close both folders.


You can check the storage space on a memory stick by inserting it into the USB port, opening the "My Computer" folder, and right-clicking the name of the memory stick. Scroll down and click "Properties", and you will see a pie chart displaying the free and used memory.

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