How to Transfer Real Player Videos to a USB Flash Drive

Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

RealPlayer is a program that plays various multimedia formats such as MP3, MP4, MPEG and DVDs. A USB flash drive is a portable storage device that enables you to store various types of files such as multimedia, documents and applications. Using a USB flash drive, you can transfer the RealPlayer videos from your computer to another device.

Access the location of your RealPlayer videos. You can use Windows Search find the videos. To do this, click the "Start" button and type the name of the video inside the Search box. Right-click the video from the search results and select "Open File Location." This will take you to the location of the video.

Select and copy your Real Player videos. To select a video, click it. Windows highlights each file or video you select. To select multiple videos, hold the "Ctrl" key and click the videos you want to choose. To select all of the files, hold "Ctrl and press "A". To copy the files, right-click the files you selected and select "Copy." You can also hold the "Ctrl" key and press "C" to copy the files.

Click the "Start" button and select "Computer." The next window will show you all of the storage devices that are connected to your computer. Right-click the USB flash drive and select "Open."

Right-click an empty region of the flash drive and select "Paste." You can also transfer files by holding the "Ctrl" key and pressing "V."

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