How to make fairy wings for adults

Updated February 21, 2017

Adult fairy wings can be worn for a variety of occasions. Many people make a living out of being a fairy, performing at parties and social events. For Halloween, dress-up parties and costume balls, adult fairy wings may be required. Making fairy wings for adults is simple; they just require a little more material and wire than the child-sized variety. Making your own fairy wings will be considerably cheaper than buying commercially made ones, and has the advantage of being completely customisable.

Shape the wire into a figure 8, making sure each side is of equal size.

Wrap a length of duct tape around the centre joint of the figure 8, making a three-inch joint in the centre that holds the wire securely in place.

Trim any excess wire that is sticking out of the centre joint, making sure all wire ends are covered with tape so that they don't stick into your back when you're wearing the wings.

Cut the legs off the pantyhose at the groin. The pantyhose should be shiny or iridescent for a good fairy wing effect, and in a colour compatible with the rest of the outfit intended to go with the wings.

Stretch the pantyhose over the wire the figure 8, one pantyhose leg on each side. Pull it tight around the wire, but not so tight as to distort the wire shape. Pin the pantyhose in place with the safety pins.

Shape the wire into the desired wing shape. A typical wing shape is pointed at each end, with two 'dips' in the side to create the look of the edge of a butterfly wing.

Sew the pantyhose together in the centre of the figure 8 once the desired wing shape is achieved. Remove the safety pins after sewing is complete.

Measure two lengths of elastic that fit around the shoulders comfortably and reach to the centre of the back like a harness.

Sew each elastic piece to the centre joint of the wings in a loop. For children, the crotch of the pantyhose can be used as a halter top, but for adults this is far too small. Elastic is a good, adjustable alternative.

Put the fairy wings on, and check how they sit on the back. Adjust the length or tightness of the elastic straps to make the wings sit as desired.


Decorate the wings with glitter glue, rhinestones, fabric paint, feathers, beads or any number of decorations. A four-wing design is easily made by doubling the materials and creating two figure 8 wing sets for each side, binding the two pairs in the centre with duct tape like with the two-wing design.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 gauge wire,3 metres (10 feet)
  • Wire cutters
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Large pantyhose
  • Elastic
  • Needle
  • Cotton thread
  • Safety pins
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