How to Fit a Buggy Board

Updated April 17, 2017

When you have to wheel around two children, a buggy or kiddie board is an alternative to a double stroller. The older child has a fun way to ride along and a spot to rest when she gets tired on a long walk. Two versions of buggy boards are available. Depending on the model of your stroller, pram or buggy, this ride-on-amenity for your older child can be fitted either on upright tubing or on a horizontal wheel axle.

Turn your board upside-down on the ground.

Attach the wheels by pushing them into their designated spots until they click.

Attach the connectors to the upright tubing of the stroller--facing the board either forward or backward--by wrapping them until they click around the two tubes.

Connectors should be placed as low down on the stroller as possible. They normally attach to square, oval or round tubing.

Secure and tighten the connectors as advised by the owner's manual, either with a strap that you place around the tube and secure via a provided connector-bolt or by screwing a screw into the connector clip.

Double-check to make sure the connectors are tight and firmly attached to the stroller, and that they do not interfere when folding the stroller.

Unfold the arms from underneath the board to the front.

Place the device on the ground on its wheels.

Attach the provided cottar pins to the arms of the board, depending on your model and instruction sheet.

Widen or narrow the arms to the necessary distance so the board can be attached to the stroller via the cottar pins and connectors.

Level your buggy board by adjusting the height adjuster and rotating the platform until level, then lock or tighten the height adjustment screws.

Turn the board upside-down on the ground.

Attach the wheels by pushing them into their designated spots until they click.

Attach the connector to the horizontal (wheel) axle or any horizontal tubing between the stroller’s rear wheels by placing it around the axle until it clicks. Do not place the connector onto the brake or folding mechanism.

Tighten the connector by turning the bolt clockwise with a coin or screwdriver.

Connect the board to the stroller by pushing the connector-bolt into the level adjuster slider on the board until they click.


On most models, there are two to four possible positions (holes) for the cottar pins. Choose the position that puts your board closest to the stroller but still comfortable enough for your child to stand on. If the arms are too short, opt for an extender kit. The board lifts up on most models when not in use.


A buggy or kiddie board is not a toy. Supervise the child when using your board. Buggy or kiddie boards are suitable for children from about 2 to 5 years, with a maximum with of 20kg (20kg.).

Things You'll Need

  • Stroller or pram
  • Buggy or kiddie board with accessories
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