How to Make Sock Puppets of Abraham Lincoln

Updated April 25, 2018

Most kids love to be creative and make things with their hands. Socks---which are inexpensive and come in many sizes and colours---can be used to make a variety of toys, including stuffed animals, beanbags and puppets. With imagination, these simple instructions for an Abraham Lincoln sock puppet can be modified to make any number of Presidents or other famous people. Who knows, making a Lincoln sock puppet may even prompt kids to learn the Gettysburg Address by heart.

Put your hand into the sock to find the form it will take. The heel of the sock should be over or close to the heel of your hand; your fingers should be in the toe-box of the sock. Bend your wrist and separate your thumb from your fingers, creating the space for the mouth. Use the marker to make small dots on the sock where the eyes and nose will be placed (somewhere above your fingers).

Remove the sock from your hand and lay it flat. Take the two plastic eyes, which should have a flat back, and glue them to the eye-placement marks you made.

Take the smaller piece of white- or tan-coloured felt and cut it in half. On one half, use the marker to draw a nose. An oval shape is simple and easy, but the shape of a gourd is a bit more realistic. Glue it to the nose-placement mark made in Step 1.

Cut the remaining piece of the white or tan felt in half. Draw an ear, or a half-circle, on each piece. Cut out the ears and glue them on either side of each eye.

Cut one of the squares of black felt in half. To make Lincoln's beard, cut out a crescent-moon shape, using the entire 4-inch length of the felt. Both sides can have a smooth, circular shape or you can cut the top edge of the shape smooth and cut the bottom edge as a zigzag.

Put your hand back in the sock to be sure of where the puppet's mouth will be. Use the black marker to make a small centred dot below the mouth; this is where you will place the beard. Remove the sock and lay it flat. Glue the beard in place. It should reach or almost reach the ears on either side.

Make a bow tie using the leftover black felt. Cut out two triangles of the same size (the sides of the bow tie) and a small circle (the centre). Glue the bow tie about an inch below the beard.

Use the last full square of black felt to make the stovepipe hat (or top hat). Cut the brim out by cutting a narrow strip (about one-quarter to one-half inch) from one edge of the square. Glue it to the sock about 1 inch above the eyes. Cut out the top of the hat by cutting another one-half inch from the same side you already cut. Glue the large rectangle to the sock, with its short side touching the brim, and its long side going up to the top of the sock.

If desired, glue a piece of red yarn across the mouth or outline the mouth area with the yarn.


A doll's black top hat (found at a craft store) may be used instead of felt to make the stovepipe hat. In that case, put the sock on your hand and make sure the hat is glued to the sock right above the back of your hand (not as far back as your wrist).

Things You'll Need

  • 1 adult sock (white or tan)
  • 2 plastic craft eyes
  • 1 square of felt, 4 inches (colour matched to sock)
  • 2 squares of black felt, 4 inches
  • 1 short piece of red yarn (optional)
  • Black marker
  • Safety scissors
  • Craft glue
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