How to write an actor's cover letter

Updated February 21, 2017

An actor's ability to make a good first impression in front of the camera or with a cover letter, is essential. Reputable talent agents are slammed with resumes and head shots from prospective clients. So make sure you stand out from the crowd with a winning cover letter.

Always address the letter to a specific person at the talent agency. Cover letters that are addressed to a specific person may receive more personable attention and put your resume ahead of the rest. If you can find a contact person at the talent agency through networking, researching or even word of mouth; address the letter to them.

Introduce yourself and state your purpose in the first paragraph, but keep it short, and also state why you are contacting the agency. Since you were able to receive a contact name at the talent agency; inform them how you were able to obtained their name. For example, "I received your name from Barry Smith, a mutual school chum."

Samples of an actor's resume can be found in the "Resources" section.

Highlight your work experience. Choose two or three of your best acting jobs, briefly explain your roles and explain any jobs coming up. You want to impress the talent agent with the range of roles you have completed or will complete. Don't go into lengthy explanations; remember the talent agent's time is valuable.

Thank the person reading your cover letter and add your contact information.


Your cover letter, resume and headshot should be included in the envelope you are sending out to the talent scouts.


Avoid spelling errors on your cover letter.

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