How to find where someone lives on the internet

Updated July 18, 2017

Finding accurate information on the Internet about where a person lives can be very difficult for some. It may take several attempts before successfully locating someone. Fortunately, there are many search engines such as online directories, public records and in some locations, court records may be available. The key to locating the correct person is to know and compare as much information as possible. Some names may be harder to turn up accurate information if the surname is common, such as Smith or Jones. When searching for a particular person, try to compare as many known facts such as age, screen name or other information.

Gather as much information about the person as possible. Try to remember his last known location, approximate age, date of birth and user or screen names. The information you can remember about the person will help tremendously because you can later compare that information to any information found online. This can prove to be true if the person has a common name.

Search on Google. One of the best ways to narrow the search results is by putting the person's name in quotations, followed by city and state. Using Google Images may be helpful as well. To search Google Images, try using the same search process as before. Sometimes this will bring up pictures of the person that have been posted on public sites.

Search using Yahoo!. There are a couple of ways to search--by first and last name or by screen name. If searching by screen name, try variations of the same screen name. People will often forget about usernames already created or lose the password to that account, thus leading them to create a new account usually with a similar name since the old screen name is already being used.

Search the online White Pages. All that is needed is the person's name and state.

Look up the person on Zaba Search. Zaba Search is very user-friendly because all that is needed is the name of the person and what state she lives in. Zaba Search will then display a list of matches for the name searched, statewide.

Seek court records online. Some states provide access to online court records; some for free and some for a nominal fee. With some states, even though online court records are available, one may have to send in a written request of what information is needed and the reason for requesting the information.

Access the "Search" function on social networking sites. Typically, the only information needed is the name of the person and what state he resides in.

Compare the information already known to the information found on the Internet. It is easy to mistake someone's identity. The best way to avoid this is by comparing location, age, date of birth (if known or found), screen names and picture if the picture was searched. It is possible to find several profiles that fit the person being searched, so compare each one of those profiles. There may be several Sam Jones found--one may be a 68-year-old male or a 14-year-old female that goes by Sam (short for Samantha).


Never search for a person online for bad intentions such as to threaten, stalk or harass a person.

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